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Our Premium Domain Leasing is the least expensive way to get started with us. 

If you would like to get started with Premium Domain Leasing of this domain ( for only $5 per month, then please call Brand Sidekick at 1 (517) 803-2722

The next option is something a bit more powerful. 

What is the Powered by Brand Sidekick annual membership?

The Powered by Brand Sidekick membership is for people that want the benefits of a Brand Sidekick, but are not ready to make a $25,000 per month investment in marketing.

It is only $1,000 per year vs $300,000 per year.

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As a member, you get the following:

1) You get a Custom Built WordPress Website for your business or brand… Whatever type of business you have, we will build you a custom site to fit your needs.

2) PLUS, you have the ability to build 19 additional (20 total) websites and funnels on your own using our internally designed WordPress platform. Our WordPress platform allows you to build websites with ease so that you can test ideas, products, and services rather than get held up on the tech.

3) And most important, you are getting membership in a master mind alliance of people just like you to help you stay committed to your life and life’s work. This makes you part of an exclusive club, you become part of 2 weekly members-only virtual meetups and you get access to our members-only social media platform. This is designed to help you stay committed to both innovation and marketing within your business.

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The ultimate purpose of the membership is marketing(selling more of your products or services) and the best way to market is thru one piece of pillar content like a “show” that can create 10s or 100s of pieces of micro-content to post on social media or use for the other “Musts of Marketing”.

The “BRAND” of Star Wars is worth more than the movies made… Meaning the branded merchandise like toys and all the other actual products that went along with the fanbase made over $30 Billion while the movies made less than $10 Billion. That means that the movie is basically the marketing for the merchandise.

Our Powered by Brand Sidekick membership is dedicated to educate business owners on how to use both offline and online resources like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to connect deeper with your clients, enabling more sales and more impact, but also never forgetting 1-on-1 sales, events, and other musts of marketing.

This membership is truly for people that want to create or expand a passion-based business or career, but are currently unable to afford a full-time Brand Sidekick. If you are one of those people, welcome to the club. This is a 1 year membership.

The following link is a secure “Square” credit card processing link to purchase this membership that will give you a 1 year membership to both build and host your website.

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